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Simcity Buildit Hack

Nowadays it is time to do many things mobile, including managing your virtual city in SimCity BuildIt. Game simulation from Electronic Arts recently released a few days ago when it seized me, how about you? The Simcity Buildit Hack Apk Tool is also available as well.

“Good news, for us all!” This is not advertising supplements anyway, haha. But really, I would bring good news because I will review the completed SimCity BuildIt which was released early last week. At first I was a little skeptical with the requirements of mobile games is because of the quality of its graphics are quite spoil the eye I think it would require a high spec gadgets such as the NVIDIA processor, but, fortunately, it did not.


Cooler again, this game is made F2P alias you can download and play for free. And only in the initial tutorial less than 10 minutes you are able to master the main features in the game. Curious there are features, especially in this free game? Check out his review below.

The Packaging Is In Line With Expectations

Turns waiting 3 months since its announcement until its release fruitless game packaging according to the expectations of fans, including me. I admit SimCity BuildIt could be the best simulation game of the year. The combination of graphics quality, control, and setting the dynamic camera angles and smooth to make a mobile game is very easy to learn within 5 minutes and enjoyable to many hours.

In fact, the mobile game is very suitable for you who have always been fond of SimCity on the PC or console. Or you who love simulation game with sandbox but only want to try to play a game from Electronic Arts and Maxis, I think you’re obligated to try it.


Tips to Play

  1. Put polluting buildings down the road. Make a long street in your town then put plants and other pollution cause the building at the end of the road. Try separate distance or make some sort of barrier between industrial and residential location with parks and manufacturers of anti-pollution (furniture store, hardware store, etc.). If no settlement affected by pollution radius, then will appear complaint.
  2. Upgrade before expanding the urban land. Try to meet the lands along the road that you already have. The expansion of urban land means that you will build a new settlement that will require the services of water and electricity which will cost more to build a clean water supply and power generation. Better upgrade first residential buildings that already exist to maximize the capacity of the population in existing buildings.
  3. Use many Simoleons for adequate services in early development. Pay Simoleons (SimCity currency) to buy an adequate service building will facilitate the future development of your city. Examples such as power plants, better buy a windmill expensive than coal-fired power plants that cause pollution. So also with other services like police and transportation departments, with a larger building (and expensive) can reach a much wider radius.

How’s that, easy to understand and follow, right? Now anyone can be a major with urban planning dreams, so rather than moan and groan over the jammed streets of the capital every day, the better you play SimCity BuildIt magnificent course and show off your city! Use Simcity Buildit Hack Tool Apk to make you find easier playing the game.

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